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  • Why You Need To Be Updated On Whats Happening In Russia

    I was invited out as a plus one to a kickback. My friend said it was with some chill people she goes to school with so I will have fun.

    Immediately after introductions they launch into a topical discussion about the turmoil in Russia.

    I mean, like the most in-depth discussion I have ever witnessed twenty-somethings get into about something other than Miley Cyrus.

    There were percentages, statistics, references to other corrupt politicians, one guy pulled up a Washington Post cartoon.

    This conversation eventually turned into “What do you think? How Should the United States proceed?” And I’m just drinking a beer like…



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  • "To kiss you would be to love the wrong person the right way."
    Evangeline Marie via 
  • "You’re at a ten. I need you at like, a four right now. Shut it down."
    Without Coffee
  • How To Babysit Teenagers

    • Friend: Your mom goes to college!
    • Sister: Yeah, actually she does. She teaches at Sac State.
    • Friend: Oh...
    • Me: Burn!
    • Sister: Calm down, we're 13.
    • Me: Whatever. Give me the remote or I will tell mom you're texting a boy.
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  • meowmeow0408:

    Thank god its just as i remember it.

    This was originally how Christopher Nolan was going to open “The Dark Night Rises”

    (via rayearthninja)

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  • "Choke me harder"
    You Last Night
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  • "And if anyone tries to be grumpy with me today, I’m gonna smile the shit out of them."
    Customer Service Assassin 
  • "Oh God, why am I like this?"
    Person Drinking Beer Out Of A Coffee Cup